Tuesday, February 05, 2008


My name is Yesenia. Unfortunately, I was late to the class on oppression, but from what i gathered after I arrived was that this class keeps on getting better and better. I love classes that challenge me and my fellow students to think outside of the box and that are not only lectures and note taking...lectures and note taking.
Oppression is something that I think all humans at least one time in their lives experiences, either by being the oppressor or being the oppressed. I cannot wait for this next class. I will definitely make sure that I am not going to get to Manhattan by way of the Lincoln Tunnel. That is my oppressive experience of the week.


At February 6, 2008 at 2:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This class has been a blessing in every aspect. I've challenged myself to " unlearn what I have learned." -MLH How it been changing my perspective in life as to viewing things differently. The awesome thing is that I'm able to understand what I'm learning and, then applying it to my daily life. It's living what your preaching. Last weeks class yes thank God Prof. Humphrey did spend time going over the journal assignment , because I was one that was confused. Thanks for the clarification! One of the topics that we spoked about last week was Power. How the people in power are the one's to attribute to what is normal or abnormal. From what I've acknowledge what is considered normal for me; may not be normal for you, and vice versa with abnormal. God has made us all so diverse and unique that we shouldn't let the " people in power" ( such as media,billboards,style,etc) seduce us to think & act a certain way. It's why I daily say "Lord renew my mind to try to think & act like you." For today's class I am eager to seek what new perspective I will embrace and contribute to. Smilezzz :-0))) Anny Segura


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