Thursday, January 31, 2008

Diversity in the News...

Take a look at some diversity issues within the news....
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Detroit Mayor Falters on Sanctity of Marriage

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has been a staunch advocate against gay marriage, defining marriage as a sacred institution between "a man and a woman." However, the recent admission of his extramarital affair has gay-rights advocates questioning how much he believes in the sacredness of marriage. Kilpatrick was allegedly spotted at a luxury resort with a woman identified as Carmen Slowsky, reports This is the second time in the past two weeks that Kilpatrick was under fire for extramarital affairs. The first time was earlier this month when text messages between Kilpatrick and his former chief of staff Christine Beatty were uncovered by state officials. What are the same-sex-marriage laws in your state?

Noosed Voodoo Doll Stuns Black Employees

Black employees at the Millennium Hotel in Times Square were fuming Wednesday after they spotted a voodoo doll hanging from a noose on a bulletin board, reports The New York Post. The voodoo dolls, which some employees saw as early as Monday and reported to the hotel's management team, were found hanging in a non-public area. "The union came in and all the employees stopped working and stood in the lobby of the hotel," Colin Taylor, a hotel cook and union delegate, told the the Post. A spokesperson for the hotel said the incident was being investigated. Check out the exclusive DiversityInc Noose Watch, which documents noose-hanging incidents across the United States. Also, find out why one woman who found a noose on her desk chose to fight back.

Google Age-Discrimination Lawsuit Back in Court

The California Supreme Court says it will hear Google's appeal of an age-discrimination lawsuit filed by Brian Reid, a 54-year-old manager, who alleges he was fired after a supervisor told him his opinions were "too old to matter," reports The Associated Press. While Google denies Reid's allegations, an appeals court ruled in October that a jury should determine if Reid has enough evidence to prove Google paid lower bonuses and gave worse performance reviews to older managers. To find out, more read Are Your Opinions 'Too Old to Matter?' Google Age-Bias Lawsuit Back in Court.

Tighter Border-ID Rules Start Today

Tighter border-ID rules are set to go into effect today. The Congress-approved rules require verified citizenship and identification of all those entering the country from Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean, and no longer allow people to simply declare their citizenship, reports The Associated Press. The U.S. Customs Department says it will provide a grace period for travelers without the extra ID and will hand out flyers explaining the new rules. The passport requirement for land and sea crossings has been delayed until June 2009. Applications should be available starting tomorrow, Feb. 1, and processing is estimated to take three to four months. Find out how your state fares on immigration issues.


At February 5, 2008 at 5:14 PM, Anonymous Aisha P. said...

The issue of the Mayor is really disturbing. It's amazing most people don't practice what they preach. This mayor is against gay marriage because it "goes against the sanctity of marriage" but his extramarital affair is just fine for him! Hypocrites...I can't stand them. This is why there will never be a stop to biases and prejudices because the people in power want to make the rules and not follow them themselves.


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