Saturday, February 12, 2005

SWK 254 Understanding Diversity

SWK 254 Understanding Diversity Hi Professor Humphreys, just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed the class on Thursday. I felt the Holy Spirit in the room with us as you began to pray for each of us. As the class began the enthusiasm was amazing. The hours went by so quickly I couldn't believe we were done. Keep up the good work I enjoy your style of teaching. I have gotten a better understanding on the oppression of God's people and from the reading of the assigned books I understand my oppression as a child in this world. But the good thing is we have the opportunity to make a difference for change all for the better. Thank you. Sylvia Hosten.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Week 4 and its Challenges

It matters. The classes I facilitate need to make sense to me and the students. Or its just not as fulfilling. A familiar comment to this class is, "This is helpful, and informative, but challenging". I agree- it is. Even as a professor who has taught this class numerous times, it never stops having its challenging moments. I know the responsibility I have, not simply to present theory, but to facilitate a space where consciousness raising-deep inner questioning- can occur, and most importantly that it connect with our love for Jesus. I do not take lightly what we do every Wednesday. I observe in each student, human/spiritual beings, who are doing amazing work, within different areas. Some ofare sharing your stories openly, others are asking tough questions, some are revealing developed biases, and some just listen really well. Thank you for continuing to chew on the broccoli and enjoy the lollipops! It matters.

Keeping His Vision- Even When Seeing Isn't Easy,
Prof. Lopez-Humphreys

Enjoying Class

Just posting to say that I am enjoying my the class so far. It has proved to be very interesting, informative, and challenging all at the same time. I especially enjoyed last week's class in which we did the Eco-Mapping and our discussion on the systems that affect our everyday lives. I have already starting using what I've learned in my everyday life. Got to practice some where huh? Keep it coming Prof. Lopez-Humphreys!
-Jamaine Smith